Design Build Services

Silverado Custom Homes can help you through the entire design build home construction process. From designing the perfect home to adding the finishing touches, we will provide you with all the services you require. As the leading design-build contractor in Toronto, Silverado Custom Homes will work with you to find the right lot for your home, create a budget and timeline for your project, and provide you access to homebuilding professionals who will make your dream home a reality.

We work side by side with trusted contractors to ensure that all aspects of your new custom home are completed to the highest standards and specifications. Silverado Custom Homes has worked on many custom home projects in Toronto, including creating GreenHouse and Energy Star certified homes which are built to be energy efficient.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced Toronto custom home builder, Silverado Custom Homes is here help you create your new home.

Our Services

Silverado offers a wide range of services.

  • Lot Consultation and Evaluation
  • Project Budgeting
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Features and Finishes
  • Time Lines
  • Site Visits
  • Update Meetings
  • HST Rebate Program

Trusted Professionals

With Silverado, you have access to the most trusted professionals in every aspect of home construction.

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Appraisers / Lenders
  • Trades & Suppliers
  • Geo-technical Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Arborists
  • Landscape Architects
  • Pool & Water Feature Specialists

Green Building & Energy Efficiency


ENERGY STAR® qualified homes are approximately 20% more energy efficient than those built to minimum building code requirements. Earning the Energy Star designation not only adds value to your home, but it also ensures maximum comfort for your family while you conserve year after year. Over time, the investment you make will pay dividends far into the future.

An ENERGY STAR® qualified home is a high performance home that’s better for you and the environment. Silverado will assign an Energy Star consultant who will join our team at the outset, consulting with the architect and trades to make sure that your home is in compliance with the guidelines. They will monitor and test throughout the building process to ensure your home becomes registered and Energy Star certified.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are revolutionizing modern construction and rapidly changing the way we build. ICF is cost effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. The process is simple; expanded polystyrene forms stack together and interlock – simply by adding rebar, brace, pouring concrete. With the concrete set, forms remain as insulation, which can then be finished to suit your design. No temporary forms to cut or remove, no big mess to clean up, and no excess waste headed to the landfill. The structure is rock solid, and in fact, will continue to grow stronger overtime. Silverado prides itself as an expert in ICF construction.

Silverado provides clients with the advantages of Coreslab construction; prestressed concrete hollow core floor and roof slabs. The value added advantages of Coreslab range from offering long spans, sound control, air distribution cores, fire safety, and squeak free floors to name just a few.


GreenHouse™ Certified Construction is a green building certification that goes a step beyond ENERGY STAR® for New Homes. GreenHouse adds three more sustainability metrics—water, materials & waste and indoor air quality—to its core ENERGY STAR® requirement.

Savings – GreenHouse homes use substantially less energy and less water – expect to save approximately 20% on your monthly usage!

Health – Advanced construction, better ventilation, green materials, and more insulation means GreenHouse homes are comfier, quieter and fresher.

Green – GreenHouse homes generate two to three tons less greenhouse gas emissions per year than homes built just to code. They reduce energy and water consumption—and the use of raw materials and waste during construction.