“After the first time we talked to Jeff, my husband and I decided that he was the right builder we were looking for. Jeff takes care of our house like his own. He takes pride in his work. He always provides the best option for us and makes sure we are happy every step of the way. He builds our house very quickly with high quality. We are very pleased we found him. I would recommend him to anybody.”
Sharon Ma, Morewood Crescent
“Jeff’s leadership and expertise is unsurpassed in the new home industry. It was a pleasure working with Jeff from the beginning stages to the finished product. He brought my custom home in on budget and built it faster than originally anticipated. I made an excellent decision hiring Jeff to build my home and recommend him highly to any potential clients.”
Saeed Kauser, Castlefrank Rd
“Silverado carried out an excellent job in constructing a quality home. Mr. Silverberg has always been professional and courteous. I would be pleased to recommend him as a prospective vendor/builder.”
Neil Fowler, Fairlawn Avenue
“Jeff’s response time to various questions has been truly remarkable. Everyone that visits our home is so impressed with the quality of the workmanship.”
Gavin Swartzman, Melrose Avenue
“I have seen many homes in the area built by Silverado’s competition in similar price ranges, and I have yet to see one that has the same high level of finishes, workmanship and design as the one Jeff has built for us.”
Brad Tremlain, Felbrigg Avenue
“We engaged Jeff to build our new dream home and our experience was extremely wonderful. He was proactive and an expert in monitoring quality and budget. Our total cost came lower than planned and completed project a month early. We are very happy with our house. Jeff is a true Project Manager and when he is on the job, he exceeds on his roles and goes beyond his responsibilities to build your home. I would highly recommend him and his team.”
Jigar Patel, Regent Road
“Our experience with Jeff and his team was enjoyable and we would recommend hm as a builder in the future. We are thrilled with our house, and happy that in one year an updated MVA has returned an increase of 12% over our original purchase price.”
Ellen & Christian Duboid du Bellay, Woburn Avenue
“Jeff has worked tirelessly to ensure that we are happy with our home. He has responded promptly and personally to all service requests. We have been impressed with the high quality of workmanship, Jeff’s professionalism and commitment to excellence. In short, it has been a pleasure buying from a builder who stands behind his work.”
Bill & Sue Hearn, Felbrigg Avenue
“I am currently half way through working on my SECOND custom house with Silverado and Jeff and could not be more happy. We are only 3.5 months into it and the house is more than half way complete. What I came to expect working with Jeff was speed, efficiency, little stress and guidance and all have come to pass in spades. The speed at which things are ocuring, with little hiccups (which is typically not the case in projects such as this) is incredible and the primary reason why I selected Silverado for this project based on my experience in house #1, 12 years ago. My house is not the biggest on the block or the biggest he is building, but I get the same focus, attention, diligence and product as if it were a 10K sq foot mansion. Jeff is not simply slapping together a house with whatever trades are out there, he is delivering on a vision, with the best trades I’ve seen, quality work, accountability to inspectors and me and most important of all – ensuring my budget and decisions are within my goals and expectations. In an industry that has alot of questionable characters, it is comforting to know this project is in good hands. Imagine, a custom home project and the owner isin’t stressing out about anything.”
Anthony Morris, Codsell Avenue
“Jeff possesses many qualities which have provided us with peace of mind during our project. Jeff has been professional, yet very approachable. He has been thoughtful and trustworthy while keeping our best interests in mind. Throughout our project, Jeff has been a pleasure to work with.”
Terry & Adrienne Carr, Sandringham Drive
“Returning all of my phone calls, meeting at a moments notice, caring about the finishing of each room, helping me save time and money – these are but a few of the events that made our project rewarding. Jeff, you are a credit to your profession. Unlike other builders you are a “home” builder, not a “house” builder.”
The Kaufman Family, Glengarry Avenue

“Jeff is always forward looking and well organized in his Project Manager role. So far only bad weather can delay the project, but certainly not Jeff. I use Silverado’s budget to control the expense and enjoy the wiggle room to spend more for items I really care for, and save on others. All these give me the security that the project can be completed within my financial capacity. Building a new house is like white water rafting. You have to do your own homework first and trust the captain en-route. With Captain Jeff on your side, you can be assured that he will navigate you out of the rough water.”

James Wang, Knollview Crescent

“Jeff is fantastic. He was on top of our build from the start, was proactive, and managed a very complicated project well. The trades he brought to the table were solid and did high quality work. He made a process that we thought would be arduous (i.e. building a custom home), far more enjoyable than we expected.”

Greg Romundt, Teddington Park Avenue

“Jeff has been our builder for a new construction project in Toronto. He is very conscientious, meticulous on details, and proactive in keeping the project on time and on budget. I strongly recommend Silverado Custom Homes Toronto to anyone looking for a quality builder in GTA.”

Marian Berinzon, Keewatin Avenue

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